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 "The MARKETS are getting harder" 


Lets vision about your Project! 

What we do for you

We are German Professionals in Alanya


Sales and Market Analyses, Strategies, Key Figures, Calculations and Forecasts


Corporate Identity, Marketing Messages, Names, Slogan, Elevator Pitch, USP, Arguments, Templates


Workflows, Engagement of Subcontractors (Real Estate Sevice Provider) in Turkey and foreign Countries

What is in for you?

Your Benefit

More Profit in
unsecure Markets

Planning Security

Prestige & Recommendations


Who we are...

We are the ALANYA.CLOUD System. A Business Association in Alanya, working in the Real Estate Industry. 

The Group consists of the following Partners. 

- Alanya.Bau

- Alanya - Investment - Club

- Alanya - Holiday

- Alanya - Project

All Parts nourish eacht other. 

In 2022 we started up Alanya.Haus and sold it in 2023, after a great and succesful Year to grow further into the ALANYA.CLOUD.  

The Owner and Leader are: 

Claudia Bülbül (Stahl)

She is an Entrepreneur since 1990 in the Finance and Property Industry and Marketing Bachelor. 

In Germany she projected and sold several Living - Space Projects of a view Million Euro. 

Idris Bülbül 

He was educated in Room Design and proofed his Knowledge over 20 Years in Germany, in addition he gained Experiences in the Construction Industry and directs the Alanya.Bau Part since 2021 in Alanya. 

They both came from Limburg/ Germany. They are married and living in Alanya - Kargicak. 

Check out our Services

How we work

Our Advice

First Contact

Just get in Contact. 

Lets write via E-Mai, WhatsApp or lets Phone and just got a Talk for an Impression if we should meet to go deeper - or not. 


Lets sit together and speak about your Project. Let us see, whats are the Strenghs, Weakness, Risks and Chances. Lets speak about what you expect - and what we recommend to do. 


We prepare you a detailed Offer of what we recommend to do and what we will Price for this Services. 

Your decide. Lets speak about it!

Details of our Work

If you  want your Project to be a great Success, you have to plan from a to z in a "red line". 

Lets talk about and we will offer you your individuell Flow to an easy and great Profit. 

3 Steps to Success


What about the maximum Profit? 

We get you the following Analysis: 

Your Market, your Competitor, Target Group, Avatar, Touchpoints, Customers Journey, Enviroment, Trends, Forecasts

Therefrom we build your Strategy. 

We calculate your Marketing- and Salescosts, Selling Time, Price, Profit and tell you what further Possibilitys are waiting for you. 


What about your Customers Journey? 

Do you exactly know who your Buyer is, where he es getting in touch with you and how to communcate to stay present in his Mind? 

We know! 

We touch your Customer on every Device, on every Point, to get his Wishes into your Shopping Basket. 


Great Offer? - sell it! 

We spreat your Marketing Channels, close Selling Contracts with powerful Selling Agencys, we build your Landingpage, Social Media Channels, we set up your Print- and Outside Medias, we organize Events - we increase your Range, Effect, Penetration and your Notoriety. 


 The MARKETS are getting harder! 


Lets vision about your Project! 

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